Hummingbird Feeder Hangers

Whether you’ve bought a hummingbird feeder from your local store or you’ve created your own DIY project, you would need something to hang it onto. Most of the time, hummingbird feeders purchased from pet supply stores do not include a feeder hanger. This is a common problem that hummingbird enthusiasts encounter. The good news is that there is a quick and easy way to install one without the need to use expensive tools and materials. Just by using everyday materials that you may already have at home, you can create a unique and durable hanger. Since it only requires a few materials, you wouldn’t have to spend much on creating it. Additionally, there are only a few steps needed to create your very own hummingbird feeder hanger so anyone can do it.


All you will need to create hummingbird feeder hangers are some plies, shower curtain hooks and a pack of small chains. You can easily purchase these materials from your local hardware store but they’re also available online. For this DIY project, you would only need to insert one of the shower hooks into the small opening located on the bottom of your hummingbird feeder. Once it is securely set in place, you can then take the small piece of chain and measure exactly how long you want your hummingbird feeder to hang in your garden. After deciding on your preferred measurement, you can cut the chain using pliers. The final step is to simply hang the hummingbird feeder hanger onto a tree branch or any other part of your garden or porch where you want to display it.

Another simple and easy way to create your own hummingbird feeder hanger is by using copper wire. If the hummingbird feeder doesn’t have a small hole located on the bottom part when it’s placed upside down, you can make use of copper wire. The first step is to determine the exact spot where you want your feeder to be displayed. This will ensure that you will be able to create the perfect length and cut your copper wire into the required shape. Make sure that the copper wire has something to hold onto on the sides of the bottle to make sure it would be tight and secure. You can insert the copper wire into existing decorations and adornments which are already built in to the original hummingbird feeder.

Create small circular loops on the copper wire and securely loop it into the existing bottle design. After you have managed to insert the copper wire, you can then create a larger and longer hoop which will serve as the hanger itself. Take a longer piece of the copper wire and create a bigger circular hoop. Make sure that the hoop is big enough for you to hang the hummingbird feeder into a tree branch or a section of your garden. Once you have accurately measured how long it needs to be, you can use your pliers to cut it. The final step is to hang your hummingbird feeder on your preferred spot without having to worry about any leakage or getting damaged.


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